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Looking for changes? You have found your partner!

Ideas, solutions, and methods to support the change process of companies or individuals. Together we define a desirable future and design the course of action to achieve your goals.

Who Leads the project?

Fabiano Martucci is a specialist in city planning and management, researcher, and yogi. He worked in Brazil, India and Germany, collaborated with numerous NGOs and Governments, has more than 9 years of experience promoting positive social impact, and he teaches yoga for over 4 years.

You can count on him to achieve the changes you want, whether for your community, company or yourself. The combination of Yoga and Management make him able to handle complex projects while balancing emotions and expectations. He successfully carried out numerous innovation and community projects. Fabiano identifies a desirable future and designs the course of action to achieve the goal. 

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Competent and reliable

planning and





SERVICES offered


Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Therapy

[Online or in-person in Augsburg]

The Yoga and Meditation classes are for all levels of practitioners. From beginners to advanced. It can be private or even for groups of individuals. The classes can happen in your place, in companies, events and retreats.

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Consulting and Project Management

[For companies, public institutions, and NGOs]

Planning and management of projects and participatory process aimed to bring systemic reforms, build up governance, create business model, engage communities, modernize services, fundraising, develop a social media strategy and more.

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Coaching and Mentoring

[Online or in-person in Augsburg]

With individual coaching (guidance) or mentoring (hands-on) sessions, I will act as your partner to help you to design your plans and achieve the desired change.

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"He is honest, reliable, and incredibly hard-working. Successfully, he led multidisciplinary projects aimed to modernise and improve public services".


City councillor and

Secretariat of Innovation and Technology

São Paulo/Brazil