my Mission

I want to be a partner in the transformation process of individuals and institutions, collaborating for their empowerment and emancipation, making them capable of promoting positive changes. My work centres on developing capacities, increasing impact, expanding reach, improving performance, and promoting collaboration.

I've been researching transformation since 2017. In recent years I have visited over 10 countries, lived in rural communities, ashrams, and migrant shelter. Besides, I have collaborated with NGOs and interviewed incredible characters such as teachers, yoga gurus, activists, and politicians.

The result of my research will be published soon. I'm combining elements of the Yoga philosophy with my experience in innovation in a book where I address the internal and external elements of transformation. Also, the book goes beyond the theory and offer practical tools and methods to use in your transformation process. 


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Fabiano Martucci

Specialist in city planning and management, researcher, yogi

Fabiano is a specialist in city planning and management, researcher, and yogi. He worked in Brazil, India and Germany, collaborated with numerous NGOs and Governments, and has more than 9 years of experience promoting positive social impact.

You can count on it to achieve the changes you want, whether for your community, company or yourself. The combination of Yoga and Management make him able to handle complex projects while balancing emotions and expectations. He successfully carried out numerous innovation and community projects. Fabiano identifies a desirable future and designs the course of action to achieve the goal. 

​He is mainly skilled in developing participatory processes, strategic plans and systemic reforms. Additionally, Fabiano is highly recommended for service modernization, to create a business model, build up governance, develop fundraising campaigns, formulate a digital and social media strategy,  and to expand community and networks. 

His Yoga skills allow him to teach different techniques such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Acro Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Arm Balance. Fabiano focuses on use Yoga to provide mental health and emotional balance. He has experience teaching from kids to elders. 


  • 2020

Entrepreneur (Augsburg/Germany)

Project Manager in Grandhotel Cosmopolis (Augsburg/Germany)

Studying MA Social and Public Policy (University of York/England)

  • 2019

Yoga Teacher Training Course (Bangalore/India)

Yoga Teacher Training Course (Rishikesh/India)

Volunteer for Youth for Seva and Vision India Foundation (India)

  • 2018

Specialist in City Planning and Management (University of São Paulo/Brazil)

  • 2017-2018

Coordinator of Digital Convergence (São Paulo City Hall/Brazil)

  • 2016

Yoga Teacher Training Course (São Paulo/Brazil)

Superior Course in Public Management (University SENAC/Brazil)

  • 2011-2017

Director of Human Resources (Government of São Paulo/Brazil)